Know How Brand Positioning Can Add Value to Your Business

What Makes Brand Positioning Vital To A Business’ Lifecycle?

Brand positioning is vital since it facilitates you to differentiate your product or services from the market competitors. As a brand, your target audience should have a clear idea about the company’s mission and vision. They should know the brand story and what you do in order to build a connection with the brand. Effective brand positioning helps you to reach the intended targets. It showcases what your business brings to the table and what is different about you.

How Brand Positioning Adds Value to Your Business Presence

Social media has the firmest grasp on consumer engagement today. One of the most effective means to reach out and stay relevant to your potential customers is to stay active across the various social media platforms. Creating an online brand positioning can give you a lot of brownie points and drive your sales. Here are some reasons why brand positioning is essential for your business:

How to Create a Brand Positioning Strategy?

Whether online or offline, brand positioning is an internal process that requires you to answer three critical questions.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  1. What can you provide to your audience?
  1. Why should the audience listen to you?

Implementing Your Brand Positioning Strategy

Once you figure out the three W’s of your brand positioning, it’s time to embrace the power of branding and implement your positioning strategy. You can follow the following steps as a guide:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience:
  1. Emphasize What Makes Your Brand Unique:
  1. Curate a Brand Proposition Statement:
  • Target Audience: Study the profile, demography, and behaviour of your audience.
  • Relevant Market: Identify the right market for your products or services.
  • Brand Claim: State your brand’s promise that no other competitor can provide.
  • Support to your Claim: Back your claim up with supporting evidence.
  1. Test Your Statement: To check whether your brand statement will work out successfully in the grand scheme of things, consider sampling with the audience. Ask your customers what they think about the brand’s statement and message. Based upon such feedback surveys, modify and revise the statement till it gathers the highest approval rate.



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